You found us!  Thank you for visiting our site.  Now take a ride and discover why thousands of riders choose us as their preferred driver.  We are a network of owner / operators dedicated to providing you with a safe, legal, ride to your destination.  By doing most of the driving ourselves, we keep our prices low.
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  • Confirmations emailed
  • Text on day of pick up
  • Flights Tracked for return pick up
  • GPS, EZPass, Flight Tracking
  • Experienced Safe Drivers
Ethical Business 
No Hidden Fees - No Surprises
"Just used Monmouth Car Service for the first time and I'm impressed. Flat rate pricing, no tip, no surprises and less than competing services. Highly Recommended

from Yelp!

Luxury Black Car Service to All Area Airports from Monmouth County.

All cars are 2013 or Newer
Best Value to Newark Airport for Black Car Service. 

Priced below Competitors & Uber Black

Over 3,000 safe, fully insured rides provided each year.

Flat Rate Pricing - Tax, Tolls, & Tip Included

Providing luxury Black Car Service to Monmouth County, NJ and surrounding areas
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This service was recommended last year when I started traveling for work. Ever since then I have been recommending Monmouth Car Service to all of my colleagues who travel for business frequently. Each appointment is scheduled promptly, the drivers are patient and the whole process is no stress.  I also love the flat fee.  Greg is exceptionally accommodating and a pleasure to work with.

                                from Yelp!
  • We always quote the Full Price
  • We do not charge for cancellations
  • We do not charge for delays
  • Only 4 zones - simple pricing
  • We do not receive or retain CC data
  • We charge in the car through the Square
  • We do not have Surge Pricing
  • We have an additional charge only if you request an inside pick up or if there is more than 1 stop

Questions? Call or text us at 732.571.6228 or email us at:
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